Bubble Rhythms

Click or tap on the gray bars to create a unique tone pattern. Remember that all control is fleeting.

Sound Bank

Sound Bank




Bubble Rhythms

How To Play

In Bubble Rhythms, sounds are made when a Bubble (the colorful moving balls below) intersect with a Tone Block (the gray bars) that has been turned on. To turn a Tone Block on and off, simply click on it.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Q: Randomize Rhythm
Spacebar: Play/Pause

About Bubble Rhythms

Bubble Rhythms is a tone-sequencing "game" that enables the user/composer to create a completely unique rhythm of tones. Each Bubble is set to a different note in the A major scale, and will play depending on the Tone Blocks that the user has turned on.

What makes Bubble Rhythms different is that each Bubble is set to its own tempo, which adds a bit of unpredictability to the game and hopefully puts the user in a more experimental creative mindset.

Bubble Rhythms was created by Chris Schnaars. The sounds used here all came from the Google Chrome Labs repository. Please get in touch with any questions, problems, or feedback. You can find the code on Github and more generative sound games here.