Tone Toggles Sequencer

How To Play

For the most part, this works like any other sequencer. Click or tap on the gray boxes (aka "Tone Toggles") to create your pattern, and hit the Play button to hear the results.

The special part here is the random function, which is activated by the star button beneath each set of Tone Toggles. When this is on, the computer will decide which (if any) notes to play, giving your sequence a bit of an unexpected flair.

The set of tones is randomly selected from a root note's major and minor keys. If you don't like the selection, hit refresh to get new notes. Add some beats, set your tempo and enjoy your unique musical creation.

About Tone Toggles Sequencer

Tone Toggles Sequencer is a musical sequencing tool that blends the creativity of the user and the unpredictability of computer-generated-randomness to produce unique musical creations with each use.

This was created by Chris Schnaars. Please get in touch with any questions, problems, or feedback. You can find more info on Tone Toggles Sequencer at Github and generative sound tools here.